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I have published a series of articles to help programmers who want to get started with Next.




One of my passions is helping people who want to learn.
I am a very active member of Boriel’s ZX Basic channel on Telegram and I also try to contribute to Boriel’s channel on Discord.

As part of this diffusion of knowledge, I have published a series of articles, all of them in Spanish, to help programmers who want to get started with Next.

Here is a list of some of them:

If you are interested in reading any of these articles in English, let me know and I will translate them.

Tools, libraries and code samples

As we are working on NextDows and the other projects, we are generating tools, code libraries for Boriel ZX Basic, in order to help other developers.

These tools, libraries, which are currently under development, include:

  • Easy Network (WiFI) library for ZX Spectrum Next
  • NDTransfer: A tool that allows you to send files over WiFi, and to run a programme on the Next when the transmission is finished.
  • Easy Disc access library for +2A, +3, +3e and ZX Spectrum Next
    • Includes test program with samples
  • RTC library

You can make donations or sign up to our Patreon if you like this initiative.

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