Our project for an online racing game.



NextRacing wants to be a top-down online car racing game.

The features planned for this game are:

Varios modos de juego:

  • Several game modes:
    • Practice
    • Race against the CPU
    • Championship against the CPU
    • Online time trial
    • Online race
    • Online championship
  • Downloadable cars
  • Downloadable circuits
  • Personalisation of cars and equipment

The car can rotate in up to 60 different directions.

This animation is an early proof of concept shot at 15FPS.

Do you want to test the betas, decide on aspects of design and functionality, and support the project?

You can make a punctual donation or sign up to our Patreon, with it you will get:

  • Free and priority access to all ZX Spectrum Next software developed by DuefectuCorp
  • Access to betas and technical documentation
  • Access to exclusive content
  • Participate in decision making

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