This game was the first JRPG for ZX Spectrum Next, and a great commercial success.



This game was the first JRPG for ZX Spectrum Next, and a great commercial success. It has also been translated into Spanish, English and German.

Curiosities of the game

  • The total size of the game is 4Mb, which is more than 6 hours of cassette loading time.
  • It is based on multiple loading from SD card, where the resources (graphics, music, effects, texts, etc…) and also the code are loaded. There are 22 different code modules, each of them with a maximum of 16Kb.
  • Allows to select between two languages in the same load.
  • It has a Jukebox with ZX Spectrum Analizer to listen to songs and sound effects.
  • Colour filter allows you to simulate black and white, phosphor green and phosphor orange screens,
  • Allows up to 8 games to be saved and loaded onto the SD card itself
  • Can be played with joystick or keyboard
  • At the end of the game, a score is calculated based on game time, experience, world explored and missions completed.
  • This score can be sent via a dynamic QR code to the DuefectuCorp website to be included in the score ranking.
  • There are three types of battles
    • Insults
    • Rock, Paper, Lizard
    • Rock, paper, lizard, Spock
  • The battles include some funny backgrounds, or so it is intended, with references to Street Fighter, Next, Windows…
  • It has taken a whole year of intense programming
  • In the game, they have collaborated in an unintended way:
    • Up to 17 beta testers
    • 4 English translators
    • 1 German translator
    • 1 professional musician: Rich, A man in his TechnoShed
  • Main graphics source are from Vryell, but we used sources from more than 10 different artists.
  • It has been tested on 9 hardware devices:
    • ZX Spectrum Next
    • ZXDOS
    • ZXDOS+
    • GomaDOS+
    • UnAmiga
    • UnAmiga Reloaded
    • NeptUNO
    • N-Go
    • Mister with Dual memory SDRAM/SRAM

Technical details of the game

  • Programmed in ZX Boriel Basic and parts in Assembler
  • Total game size of almost 4Mb in more than 500 files
    • 273Kb of compiled code in 22 files
    • More than 419Kb of source code in 39 files
    • More than 100,000 characters of text in three languages (Spanish, English and German)
  • 9 AY songs by different authors:
    • Adaptations by Duefectu from the score
      • Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata
      • Tomaso Albinoni – Adagio in G minor
      • Pachelbel – Canon in D
      • Chopin – Funeral March
    • Game Over by Konamiman and smashed by Duefectu
    • Originals songs from Rich – A man in his TechnoShed ->
      • Square peg in round hole
      • Square dancing
      • The inner circle
      • Circle pusher
  • 48 sampled sound effects (DMA)
  • 211 screens on the map
  • 21 zones on the map
  • 70 objects waiting to be used
  • 25 types of NPCs to interact with
  • More than 30 different quests
  • 28 background bitmaps that are used in battles and cutscenes

More info…

You can visit the official CuadragonNext website at

If you support us with a donation or on our Patreon, you will get the digital version for free.

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