Who I am?

I’m working on several projects for Next, including a networked car racing game (NextRacing) and a windows-based operating system (NextDows). I am also involved in helping other developers and writing technical articles about Next.

How can you contribute and what do you get for it?

To help you can contribute monthly with the amount you want. There is no minimum or maximum amount.
With this contribution you will help us to develop better and faster products, and you will benefit from:

  • Free and priority access to all ZX Spectrum Next software developed by DuefectuCorp, including the already released and acclaimed CuadragonNext. This does not include already committed collaborations, which we are currently developing for third parties (all software mentioned on this page is included).
  • Access to betas and technical documentation: You will be able to enjoy our products before anyone else.
  • Access to exclusive content: You will have access to certain features that will only be available to contributors or before they are released, such as advanced customisation of NextDows, or tracks, cars and drivers in NextRacing.
  • Participate in decision making: You will be able to give your opinion and vote on how you want some of the most important features of the products to be.

Time is money, and unfortunately I have neither one nor the other, so a little financial help would give me more time to focus on my passion: Making beautiful games and utilities for Next! 🙂

Thanks for your support!

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